About PrivateID

PrivateID is a non-profit privacy advocate company, claiming and advancing data ownership as personal property.
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Privacy inequality will be the most extreme social challenge we will face.

PrivateID’s mission is to create a way to advance data ownership recognition as personal property in the way that is most likely to preserve our privacy and integrity, focusing on human value first.

Big tech companies don’t just own your data, they have a predictable value of your data. Which means that they are able to know what your thoughts are, even before you have them — even further, there’s nothing stopping them to create algorithms that replicate how you think. So it’s a matter of time before they can actually replicate a version of yourself in a virtual world and take over your job.

We’re a non-profit company fighting to avoid that scenario. We believe privacy should a human right and data is personal property — others shouldn’t exploit our vulnerabilities in order to profit from us and, eventually, replace us.

We work on projects to get us closer to the change we seek. We’re currently working on new ideas and we will release blog posts to communicate them.


Help us build a better future.

We’re looking for sponsors right now. If you share our values and want to contribute to make change happen, you can let us know and we’ll happily share with you the projects we’re working on.
You can contact Borja Moya at borja@privateidmission.com.

Who is behind this?

Borja Moya. That’s me.
I’m just starting this non-profit because I feel a social duty with the problem we are dealing as a society. Email me at hello@borjamoya.com with any questions or suggestions.