The PrivateID Manifesto


It starts by understanding that change is possible and it’s up to us. It’s always been that way.

Privacy is a human right. It is the right to own your value as a person. As Edward Snowden said, “Privacy is the right to a free mind. Without privacy, you can’t have anything for yourself.“

Data is our personal property. We own it, control it and (if we choose to) we profit from it, not them. Data is one of our most valuable assets, we shouldn’t give it away for free.

Data should work for us, not against us. It should be used to create a better version of ourselves — not to exploit our vulnerabilities and steal our value as humans.

Privacy is a global issue. So it requires a global solution, we can’t tackle it locally.

Public interest prevails over private profits. Commercial interests can’t surpass human rights.

Change never comes from the ones thriving on the status quo.

Technology is neutral, you can use it to oppress or to liberate.

The PrivateID Mission: Changing the way people tackles privacy and building a better world for everybody, not just the few.